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Group in the entrance of the Heidegroeve

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O.D. people and one person who was in hiding before, some days after the liberation of Valkenburg, september 1944. The Heidegroeve on Plenkert street
Was this the group that hunted for collaborators? In any case, Jan Harings is standing in between, with the number 1 above his head.
From left to right: Sjef Smeets, Walramplein; Jos Mentelers, diver from Amby; Jos Quaedvlieg (“the Fat”), Walramplein/Hovetstraat; Harrie Fraiture, St. Pieterstraat; Henk Salverda; Jan Harings; Sjef Coenen, Wehryweg; Jean Kessler; Pierre Philippens, Plenkert street
Photo: Frans Hoffman

Album : Resistance

Pierre Schunck
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