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1992 Jubilee at the Kurkapelle

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Pierre Schunck was elected to the board of the Kur-Kapelle Falcobergia in Valkenburg on 14 March 1967.
On 7 January 1968, he was appointed vice-chairman.
The clipping below is probably from 1992, because Pierre Schunck died in 1993 at the age of 86.
The 86-year-old Pierre Schunck was awarded the silver honorary nobility by the Federation of Catholic Brass Bands. Schunck celebrated his 25th Anniversary as a member of the board of the Brass Band Kur-Kapelle Falcobergia in Valkenburg. For 12 years he was chairman and for almost 13 years honorary chairman. On the evening of the celebration he gave the band some documents from the year 1895. The Kurkapelle also honored Jos Braam, who has been a member for 12½ years.

Album : Schunck-Cremers

Pierre Schunck
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