Johannes Petrus Maria van Betuw <i>(Jules)</i>
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pers.Valkenburg 1940-1945


Johannes Petrus Maria van Betuw (Jules)

 1923-08-08 Eygelshoven      2015-03-13 Heerlen (91)
- Heerlen - L.O. - courier -

Johannes Petrus Maria van Betuw

    During the war, Jan van Betuw was a bus driver and courier in the LO district of Heerlen under the pseudonym Jules. In this capacity, he narrowly escaped arrest in early 1944 during a check on the Valkenburgerweg in Heerlen while transporting ration stamps. The source for this information and also for the photo on the right is an interview with him on a website of students from Heerlen about the Second World War, which unfortunately no longer exists. After the war he worked as an auditor for the Dutch Municipalities South. [1]
    He provided this website with information about the Soesman couple (click on his photo) and the then sexton of Valkenburg, Van Ogtrop. He was a bearer of the Resistance Memorial Cross. [2] [3]

    1. Johannes Petrus Maria "Jules" van Betuw (1923-2015)
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    3. Verzetsherdenkingskruis.
    4. More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg