Frank Manis
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pers.Valkenburg 1940-1945


Frank Manis

 0000-00-00      1944-10-17 Valkenburg
- Old Hickory -

      Jan Diederen writes in Mijn oorlog en bevrijding: “Mrs. Huntjens, who was living at the time on Nieuweweg, saw four soldiers being killed when their jeep hit a land mine in a field at the bottom of the Emmaberg on Sunday morning September 17th, 1944.
      According to former air force officer John Gouverne, who enumerates in his book US Army in Zuid-Limburg the casualties of the Second Armored Division (Pinterest) on 17 September, they were: William George, Chester Harrington, Joseph Blum and Frank Manis. Harrington is buried in Henri Chapelle, the three others have been brought back home to the States.”

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