Nic M.H. Prompers
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pers.Valkenburg 1940-1945


Nic M.H. Prompers

 1908-11-05 Sint Geertruid      0000-00-00
- Heerlen - L.O. - priest -

      Nic (Nicolaas Maria Hubertus) Prompers was one of the founders of the L.O. district of Heerlen. He collaborated on the resistance magazine “Het Vrije Volk” in Heerlen, including the chief physician Van Berckel of the St. Jozef hospital in Putgraaf, where Prompers worked as a rector. During one of the first days of September 1943, the L.O. Heerlen district was established in the hospital of Rector Prompers. A certain mr “Paul Simons” from Valkenburg was present too. 1955-1971 he was pastor in Broekhem. Golden “Father Prompers receives the resistance memorial cross from Mr. J. Cornips. Dean Jochems watches.” Limburgsch dagblad, 04/18/1983.

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