Johan Guelen
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Johan Guelen

 1918-10-01 Gennep      1944-09-08 Kamp Vught (25)
- Gennep - Knokploeg - carillon -


Het Grote Gebod – K.P.

    Johannes Hendrikus Guelen was a machinist and worker in a paper mill. He belonged to the sabotage group KP-Noord Limburg (KP Gennep and Oeffelt). See also Jan Hendriks. Arrested in a shootout with the police. Guelen and the Hendriks brothers were taken to the police station in Berlicum. The same day they were transferred to Camp Vught, where they were to be executed. (Cammaert VIb, p. 720) In his speech at the unveiling of the plaque at the peace carillon, Cammaert said, among other things: “The somewhat lesser known Johan Guelen from Gennep had been part of the local commando group since the summer of 1944. The aim of the group was to silence traitors and chatterers and to crack down on black marketeers. In early September 1944, Guelen participated in a plan to raid the Berlicum distribution office.
    Before it got to that point, he was caught through the carelessness of a colleague.”

    wall: left, row 10 #03