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pers.Valkenburg 1940-1945


? Vroemen

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- Valkenburg - L.O. -

Vroemen, the station chief of Valkenburg

      Stationmaster in Valkenburg. His first name and other dates are not known to us.
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      In the event of danger, he called with the message: “You cannot unload your wagon.” People who wanted to go into hiding and arrived by train usually got in touch with him, and he then forwarded them, for example to the sexton Harry van Ogtrop of the local Catholic church. See there
      Thanks to the vigilance of stationmaster Vroemen, after the war precious possessions of the Jesuits from their monastery which had been confiscated by the Germans were recovered. At the request of LO chief Pierre Schunck, he had noted the addresses where the items had been sent to in 1944. (Christine W.M. Schunck, Niet zeuren maar werken – Twee generaties Eck vanaf 1873, artikel in Het land van Herle 2015-3)

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