Peter Hoebers
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Peter Hoebers

 1920-07-09 Helden      1944-08-10 Helden (24)
- Helden - Knokploeg -


Het Grote Gebod – K.P.

      Peter Johannes Jacobus Hoebers was a blacksmith.
      “Early on Thursday morning, August 10, Nitsch, assisted by four members of the Ordnungspolizei, threw Peter Hoebers and Peter Korsten out of their beds in Helden-Panningen. Korsten, father of thirteen children, however, had nothing to do with the combat groups (K.P.). The Korsten Nitsch was searching for was not P., but L. Korsten. Hoebers was the first to be taken out of his house and shot in front of it after Nitsch’s command run, run faster. The same fate befell P. Korsten. Their bodies were to be left lying in the street.” (Cammaert Chapter VI, p. 603)
      The Everlo Memorial in Panningen (municipality of Helden) was erected to commemorate 94 fellow citizens who died as a result of wartime actions during the occupation.

    wall: left, row 20 #04