Jacob H. Berkhout
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Jacob H. Berkhout

 1904-08-12 Culemborg      1945-05-31 Malchow (40)
- Heythuysen - L.O. - Knokploeg -

Het Grote Gebod – L.O.

      Berkhout, an electrical engineer, had taken in a Jewish Ms. Prijs and her two children at his home. Someone who knew about it betrayed this in order to get an arrested friend released. Berkhout and his three guests were arrested on June 10, 1944. The mother died in a German concentration camp, her two children survived the war. Via Vught, Berkhout came to Neuengamme. In February 1945 he was put on a ship with other prisoners in Danzig. He was never heard from again after that. Presumably the ship was sunk somewhere off the coast in the Baltic Sea. (Cammaert V, p. 435)

    • https://www.oorlogsgravenstichting.nl/persoon/10857/jacob-hermanus-berkhout
    wall: left, row 22 #05