Leonardus Hendrikus van Geloven <i>(Len, Leo, Lei)</i>
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Leonardus Hendrikus van Geloven (Len, Leo, Lei)

 1925-12-09 Kessel (L)      1944-10-09 Kessel (L) (18)
- Kessel -

      According to both the Oorlogsgravenstichting (Dutch War Graves Foundation) and the Erelijst van Gevallenen (Honor Roll of the Fallen), he was a member of the resistance. He was a farmhand for farmer Mathieu Heldens on the Cuppenhof farm in Kessel-Hout. On Sunday, October 8, 1944, the Great Church Raid took place. Therefore, Van Geloven and some other men were still hiding in the woods behind the farm the following day. Around six o’clock in the evening, Lei came to the farm to eat something, but was seen by passing men of the SiPo-Maastricht. They chased him and shot him. He is buried in the Roman Catholic parish cemetery in Kessel, row 36, grave number 15. His name is on the war memorial in Kessel. Source: wo2slachtoffers.nl, see link below.

    • Oorlogsgravenstichting.nl
    • https://www.wo2slachtoffers.nl/bio/52428/Geloven-van-Leonardus-Hendrikus.htm

    wall: left, row 26 #05