Louis (Gerardus Aloysius Anton Horsmans
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pers.Valkenburg 1940-1945

Louis (Gerardus Aloysius Anton Horsmans

 1918-02-03 Ulestraten      2001-03-13 Maria-Hoop (gem. Echt) (83)
- L.O. - local contact - local contacts -

On the recommendation of Pierre Schunck, he became assistant of H. Stahl to the lime quarry Schunck in Geulhem. Was a brother of chaplain Horsmans in Valkenburg. His brother Jan Frans Antoon Horsmans, tenant of the Wijngaardshof in Ulestraten / Waterval, was also part of the resistance (Knokploeg Zuid-Limburg). There Sjeng Coenen and Joep Francotte were arrested.