Ger Ahout
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Ger Ahout

 1919-12-18 Deurne      1945-02-17 Bergen (L) (25)
- L.O. - Knokploeg - The outskirts of Limburg - dutch soldier -

Het Grote Gebod – L.O.

    Gerardus Wilhelmus Johannes Petrus Ahout was a member of the LO-KP in Deurne. During the liberation of the south of the Netherlands, the Regiment Stoottroepen were founded on September 21, 1944, integrating the resistants of the KP and RVV, including Ger Ahout.
    “On 17/18 Feb 1945, as a scout of a US patrol, he stayed behind with a wounded friend and subsequently went missing. Found severely mutilated on April 1, 1945.” (Het grote gebod, The Great Commandment, p. 327)