Cornelis van Sambeek <i>(Kees van Maas en Waal)</i>
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Cornelis van Sambeek (Kees van Maas en Waal)

 1921-11-03 Nijmegen      1945-04-04 Gemen (23)
- L.O. - Knokploeg - The outskirts of Limburg - dutch soldier -

Het Grote Gebod – L.O.

    Kees had attended secondary school in Nijmegen and had contacts with resistance people there. In the area of the rivers Maas and Waal, west of Nijmegen, there were local and individual resistance activities. But joining a national organization was still pending. In January 1944, Van Sambeek was entrusted with the organization of a new district and thus became district leader of the LO-KP of "Maas en Waal".
    As such, he attended a meeting of the LO leaders of the Limburg region. However, this was betrayed. Almost all participants were arrested and most of them died in German concentration camps. Kees was barely able to escape. See the Raid of Weert, link below.
    During the approach of the Allies, the LO/KP, the OD and the RVV were merged under the name Binnenlandse Strijdkrachten (Domestic Forces). However, this hardly worked. In September, the armed parts of the resistance were given the opportunity to join the Stoottroepen (literally: shock troops). Kees also became a member there, in the Noord-Brabant commando. The Stoottroepen, initially under the command of the Dutch "Militair Gezag" (military authority), came under Allied command after the liberation of the southern provinces. The Commando Brabant was under English command, the Commando Limburg under that of the U.S. Army. This meant a considerable improvement in armament and other equipment. In the early days of the regiment, the leaders did not know ranks. These individuals had become leaders by virtue of their competencies during the occupation.
    During a mission with the Allied forces, Kees was killed in a motorcycle accident.