Antonius Johannes Kuerten <i>(Joop)</i>
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Antonius Johannes Kuerten (Joop)

 1919-06-29 Nijmegen      1944-07-21 Vught (25)
- Nijmegen - Knokploeg - The outskirts of Limburg -


Het Grote Gebod – K.P.

    Antonius Johannes Kürten was a machine fitter [4]. Arrested on February 21, 1945 in Hoorn by the Landwacht (auxiliar police consisting of Dutch nazis) during a food transport. [1]
    We read about Joop Kuerten on Oorlogsdoden Nijmegen 1940 - 1945 [2]

    Although Kuerten, son of Josephus Dominicus Kuerten and Wilhelmina Antonetta Kuerten-Bongers, lived in Eindhoven and worked as a fitter, he became a member of the Knokploeg-Nijmegen in his birthplace. He was active for the resistance in Nijmegen, Maas and Waal, Eindhoven and in trains, where he stole briefcases of the occupiers. He participated in the liquidation of S.D. people (Sicherheitsdienst or Sicherheitspolizei) and the liberation of resistance fighters from prisons. During a train check in July 1944, he was caught and taken to Vught concentration camp, where he was executed without trial on July 21, probably in retaliation for attempts on German soldiers in Nijmegen.

    See also concentration camp Vught, called KZ Herzogenbusch by the Germans [3].

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    This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.