Jacobus Reinder Schortinghuis <i>(Bob (van de recherche))</i>
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Jacobus Reinder Schortinghuis (Bob (van de recherche))

 1923-02-14 Delfzijl      1945-04-25 Hedel (22)
- Nijmegen - Student - Knokploeg - The outskirts of Limburg - dutch soldier -


Het Grote Gebod – K.P.

    Koos Schortinghuis was a member of the Knokploeg (armed group) of Nijmegen [1] and as such was qualified to join the Dutch army after the liberation of Nijmegen. He died as a member of the Prinses Irene Brigade [2][7]. Rank: soldier OVW (Oorlogsvrijwilliger = war volunteer).
    On the website Bevrijding van Nederland - Nijmegenaren in geallieerde dienst (Liberation of the Netherlands - Nijmegen Citizens in Allied Service) [3] we read:

    1940-1945 : Koos Schortinghuis belonged to the Knokploeg Nijmegen under the leadership of Theo Dobbe. After the liberation of the southern part of the Netherlands, he joined the Royal Dutch Brigade Princess Irene as a volunteer. As a shock trooper, he was killed at Hedel (Noord-Brabant) in April. On the evening of April 25, a Brenguncarrier (armored personnel carrier [4]) hit a mine that had been laid by the Germans in the middle of the village of Hedel on the Uithovensestraat. The four-ton tracked vehicle overturned. Private Schortinghuis landed half under it and was killed instantly. The other three occupants were injured. On April 22, Montgomery had issued a general ban on attacks so as not to jeopardize the food shipments to the Randstad (the densely populated and not yet liberated western part of the Netherlands) authorized by Seyss-Inquart. Nevertheless, the battle for Hedel continued, in which Schortinghuis was one of the victims.

    Many details about him can be found in the Groninger Archieven, Systeemkaarten van verzetsbetrokkenen (OVCG) System cards of resistance fighters. [5]

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