Evert Leendert Mirck
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pers.Valkenburg 1940-1945


Evert Leendert Mirck

 1907-10-29 Rotterdam      1940-05-10 Schin op Geul (32)
- dutch soldier -

      Dutch conscript, killed in Schin op Geul on the first day of the war. We read about him on the link below: “there were three S-casemates with a light machine gun. One of them near the church, an intersection of railway lines and the road to Valkenburg. German tanks moved west on this road. They stopped because of the roadblock. The fire was opened on the German soldiers, but armored vehicles and tanks opened fire on the casemate, with a hit in a loop hole killing the soldier Mirck and injuring another one.”

    • http://www.maaslinie-mei1940.nl/index.php?page=mirck-e-l
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