The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg
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The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg



Liberated: 1944-09-18

Geleen – 7 pers.   ⇒All the fallen resistance people in Limburg
Martin H.
∗ 1918-11-13
St. Pieter (M’tricht
† 1945-04-11
Geleen - Miner
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wall: left, row 09-02
Hilten, van
Antoon Gerrit Guillaume
∗ 1923-11-09
† 1945-02-24
Geleen - Office worker. Is named on the war memorial in Geleen-Lindenheuvel
wall: left, row 10-01
∗ 1916-10-09
† 1943-05-29
Siegburg (D)
Geleen - Everhardus Lippe Jelle Janssens. On the commemorative plaque of the war memorial in Geleen Lindenheuvel we read Janssens I.. If it is not a mistake, it could be a pseudonym.
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Franciscus Gerardus Pierre
∗ 1918-05-03
† 1944-09-12
Geleen - K.P. - police - Pierre was a policeman in Geleen. In early 1944 he was transferred to Eindhoven, where he joined a resistance group that, among other things, transported weapons for the underground, the Partizanen Actie Nederland. His resistance name was Frans. On September 12, 1944, he was shot in an ambush during a sabotage operation at the train station. Buried in Venlo. Is mentioned on the war memorial in Lindenheuvel (municipality of Sittard-Geleen).
Source: Dodenboek Venlo (Venlo Book of the Dead).
wall: left, row 09-04
Christiaan Jac.
∗ 1887-07-27
† 1945-01-17
Siegburg (D)
Geleen - press - Ordedienst - Former soldier and after his demobilization overseer in the state mine Maurits in Geleen. He was in contact with the OD group in Heerlen and Charles Bongaerts and thus became a member of the network that published the Limburg resistance newspaper Het Vrije Volk, not to be confused with the same-named post-war daily newspaper. It was directed mainly at miners and was very well informed, because they had their people everywhere, even at the SiPo in Maastricht! The demand for this magazine was much greater than the 30 to 50 copies Veerman got from Heerlen, so they printed at least another hundred copies themselves. Many of the Geleen team of the journal, including Veerman, were arrested as a result of treason, probably by the sister-in-law of one of the members of this team. (Cammaert XI, p. 1077)
He died as a forced laborer after nearly four years in captivity. See also his death certificate. Lies on the Nationaal Ereveld (National Field of Honor) in Loenen. In Geleen, a street is named after him.
wall: left, row 09-05
∗ 1922-12-13
† 1944-10-28
This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel. - Geleen - CPN - press - Mijnwerker uit Geleen, medewerker van de Waarheid maar geen partijlid. Opgepakt 24 maart 1944 in Geleen. Gedeporteerd naar Remscheid (D). Omgekomen tijdens bombardement op de Maasbruggen in Venlo tijdens zijn tweede ontvluchtingspoging. Opgegeven voor de erelijst.
This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.04-32
Zaicsek /Zaiczek,
Karel /Karl
∗ 1921-07-18
† 1944-09-12
Geleen - - RVV - Karl Zaicsek’s parents moved from Hungary to Lindenheuvel in Geleen. It is not known when exactly Karl and his parents came to Geleen. All we know is that Karl’s father died on February 9th, 1939. Karl was only 17 at the time. So presumably it was up to him then to provide for his family. He got a job in a mine. His resistance in the organisation Raad van Verzet (Resistance Council) consisted of the distribution of illegal literature and courier services such as ammunition transportation and delivery of food to those who were in hiding.
On September 12, a Schutztruppe stopped him during an illegal transport of food. A short time later he was murdered near Hoensbroek or in the border region near Sittard. (Cammaert IX, p. 971)
Mentioned on the war memorial in Geleen-Lindenheuvel
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