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Heerlen, 1943

Original size 2634 × 1812 px

Many cooperated to get the list of all the people in this picture complete. It is of course really interesting, when you are a family member and you’re logged in. Because many of the people in this picture are still alive and their data will not be shown to anyone. Please contact me if you lost your “key”! | Chrisje Dohmen | Emy Janssen | Christine Schunck | Jan Schunck | Kees Janssen | Leo Schunck | Hanny Ruiters | Peter Käller | Ineke Schunck | Pierre Janssen | Mia Dohmen | Marita Schunck | Peter Schunck | Chrisje Ruiters | José Janssen | Marie-José Schunck | Alfons Janssen | Chris Janssen | Ed Käller | Peter Schunck | Otto Stahl | Christine Cloot | Bert Janssen

Album : Schunck-Cloot

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Click on the faces/names to find out more about the person in question. This works only if this person is in our database.
On a big screen you can see the names of the people in the picture, when you go with your mouse over their faces. This unfortunately does not work on mobile displays.