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Gerd Kreijen

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† 15-06-1966
Remember in prayer and at the Holy Mass in grateful remembrance of the unforgettable, dear deceased
Dr. Gerd Kreijen
whose day and night life was a sacrificial service to the suffering fellow human beings and to the well-being of his big family. Characteristic of his noble character are the last simple, modest words: “I was able to help people in their distress, thanks in my name to all who have given me their confidence as a patient.”
Hubert Joseph Gerhard Kreijen was born on 9 October 1902 in Kerkrade-Chèvremont. After completing his studies in Rolduc, Bonn, Graz, Düsseldorf and Amsterdam, he was appointed a surgeon and gynecologist to the St. Joseph Hospital in his home town of Kerkrade, where he died after a successful life full of work, strengthened by the blessing of consecrated oil, died in devotion to God.
His life was permeated with the words of Christ: “What you have done to the least of my brethren, you have done to me.”
The Holy Father Pope John XXIII appointed him on the occasion of his jubilee of 25 years of activity at the St. Joseph Hospital in Kerkrade as a knight in the Order of Saint Sylvester. Those, who knew him, tell us how unselfish and helpful he was by day and night in constant readiness to anyone who needed him. Above all, the people who have found help with him will always remember the gratitude of this upright man, who has no longer been able to help himself, and has accepted this cross, which God has imposed on him, of the many physical pains and complete helplessness Has deeply faithful to this sacrifice. So for him and his family, instead of grief, only gratitude and faithful consciousness remain for a happy reunion.
Gerd/Gerhard Kreijen

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