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Kupfermühle Hauset

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After 1865, Arnold and Ludwig Schunck moved to Hauset. There they started dyeing and finishing yarn and fabric for the industry in the so called Kupfermühle (an ancient copper mill). writes about the Copper Mill:
When the dukes of Jülich, in 1765, prohibited the export of processed copper from Stolberg, the people there sought a way out to circumvent this ban on exports and they planned in the neighbouring Dukedom of Limburg a copper mill with the necessary equipment. After its completion, the mill appears to have been primarily a means of camouflageing the illegal export of finished copper products. A seemingly harmless building. In reality, an interim storage point for the copper goods, which were secretly brought by night across the border from Stolberg′
Today, the Kupfermühle is a horse farm on the edge of Hauset on the banks of the Göhl / Geul / Gueule. The village belongs to the municipality Raeren and is part of the German speaking community in East Belgium.
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