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Anna Schunck-Küppers in the midst of her family

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Carla Schunck, * 07-11-1920, is about 1 year old in this photo, so it was probably taken in 1919.
We see here Anna Schunck-Küppers, her children (as far as they are not in the monastery as Sister Arnoldine and Sister Emma), her children-in-law and grandchildren. The man in the back on the right looks like Christine Cloot’s father, who can also be seen on her wedding photo. But it is Jos Franck, Christine Schunck’s husband.

| Pierre Schunck | Leo Schunck | Christine Cloot | Anna Küppers | Wies Franck ∗ 22-10-1914 | José Franck ∗ 05-02-1920 | M. Christine Schunck | Pierre Franck ∗ 08-04-1913 | Mia Schunck ∗ 25-09-1913 | Leonie Schunck ∗ 29-05-1911 | Nolda Schunck ∗ 17-10-1918 | Peter J. Schunck | Mia Franck ∗ 03-02-1912 | Carla Schunck ∗ 07-11-1920 | M.L. Christine Schunck | Lou Schunck | Anna Schunck | Jos Schunck | Louise Schunck | Jos Franck | Frans Franck ∗ 27-01-1918
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