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Intolerant Tolerance

On Thursday, March 28, 2019, the oldest female PhD student ever, Christine Schunck, obtained her PhD at Radboud University in Nijmegen. Her dissertation was entitled Intolerant tolerance. The history of the Catholic mission on Curaçao 1499-1776. Her supervisors were prof. Dr. F.J.S. Wijsen and prof. Dr. P.J.A. Nissen. She addresses the question of how it was possible that the Calvinist Dutch West Indische Compagnie in Curaçao had the slaves baptized catholic. When reading, we discover that the “typical Dutch” tolerance and many other things that are now part of our culture must have been invented at that time.
ISBN 978 90 5625 504 6, 404 pages. Size 16 × 24 cm. Price € 22.50
In Dutch, with english summary.
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Christine: My whole life in a few centimeters of color: picture of the Valkhof standing for the student days, blackboard for my teaching and the country house on Curaçao for the scientific work.

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Christine Schunck
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