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Cremers, Joseph × Pakbier/Packbier, Elisabeth

Cremers, Jean (Johannes Josephus)

    28-12-1878 in Voerendaal  02-05-1947 in Valkenburg
× Eck Catharina /Trienchen

Jean Cremers was a head teacher at the MULO school in Valkenburg.
His granddaughter Christine Schunck wrote about him: "Jean and Catharina had met through Catharina’s younger sister Clara, who, like Jean, was a primary school teacher. Jean was highly intelligent and hard-working and obtained teaching qualifications in French, German and English as well as the main certificate. After his marriage, he taught at an elementary school in Heerlerheide and then as a head teacher at the Roman Catholic boys’ school for elementary and extended elementary education in Valkenburg, where his brother-in-law Rector Eck was already teaching religion." [1]
During the First World War, he helped French and Belgian refugees, but was also infected by the Spanish flu, which left him disabled and forced to take early retirement. His commitment to helping people on the run inspired his daughters and a niece to work in helping people in hiding during the Second World War. [2]
Her husband’s disability was an additional motive for Catharina Cremers-Eck to set up Hotel Cremers in Valkenburg. [3]

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