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Kreijen, Johan Wilhelm × Nagels, Maria Catharina Petronella

Kreijen, Hubert (Andreas Joseph Hubert)

    25-08-1874 in Herzogenrath  21-06-1946 in Kerkrade
× Eck Maria
 in Kerkrade
× Eck Ellen
 in Kerkrade

Profession: Shopkeeper
Buried on Cemetery Kerkrade Chèvremont in the same grave as Maria and Ellen Eck.

Christine Schunck wrote about him and his wife Maria in Het echtpaar Eck-Chermin en hun kinderen (The couple Eck-Chermin and their children): They had several children, of whom three survived: Lenchen, Gerd and the afterthought Joseph. Maria did not die at the birth of Joseph, but when she was 51 years old. Widower Hubert remarried his sister in law Ellen, to make her take care of his 10 years old son Joseph.

In Huberts marriage certificate is missing his nickname:

  Groom:                Andreas Joseph Kreijen
  Age:                  24
  Profession:           locksmith
  Father of the groom:  Kreijen Johan Wilhelm, worker
  Mother of the groom:  Nagels, Maria Catharina Petronella, cleaner
  Bride:                Anna Maria Eck, without profession
  Age:                  21
  Father of the bride:  Gerard Eck, worker
  Mother of the bride:  Maria Helena Chermin, worker