Henry E. Morgan
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Henry E. Morgan

Limburg 1940-1945,
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pers.Valkenburg 1940-1945


Henry E. Morgan

 ?      16-09-1944 Valkenburg
- Old Hickory - Valkenburg -

The Americans who fell in and around Valkenburg

      PFC (private 1st class) Henry Morgan was one of the six soldiers of the 119th regiment in the Old-Hickory Division who fell during the liberation of Valkenburg is Henry Morgan. Three days before he was killed, he was accidentally photographed on the jeep and with his inseparable pipe in his mouth on Grendelplein by Frans Hoffman, a local photographer. The only survivor of the A-company, Bob Hilleque from Chicago, recognized him in the photo. Henry Morgan died on 16 September 1944 in the living room of a house on the Reinaldstraat in Valkenburg. He is buried in the American Military Cemetery in Henri Chapelle, Belgium.

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