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The civil servant Victor Willems

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But Victor Willems was not only the miller on the water mill near Schaloen Castle (1930 to 1954), he also worked at the distribution office. He and Willem Freysen (DB), who had contact with the L.O., started to forge and steal documents on a large scale. The old director preferred not to notice anything. “Paul” wrote in the style typical for that time:

As a civil servant at the distribution office Mr. Victor Willems has always cooperated in the acquisition of distribution documents for persons in hiding by fraudulent-administrative means, under the direction of the L.O.-distribution contact person W.Freysen.
[Signature Schunck], Paul
Rayon leader L.O. R8-Z18

R8 = District of Heerlen, Z18 = Rayon (Subdisdrict) of Valkenburg
Source: Archive of Ger Willems

The extensive manipulations at the distribution office would become apparent when the chief of the office was about to be replaced by Nazis. To cover them up, the distribution office was raided.

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