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Dutch (foreground) and German prison, Maastricht

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  • In the foreground the Second Minorite Monastery [1], since 1806 "Huis van Bewaring" (prison) and in its church since 1825 also court house.
    During the war, this prison remained under the administration of the Dutch judiciary, with Dutch personnel. This made it quite easy to keep secret contact with the prisoners. It was here that 80 prisoners were freed on Dolle Dinsdag. [2]
    Since the last turn of the century it is the main building and assembly hall of the university.
  • Behind it is the Third Minorite Monastery, which during the war was seized by the Germans and used as the “Polizeiliches Gefängnis Maastricht” (Prison of the German Police in Maastricht). The people of Maastricht referred to it as the “German prison”. It was almost hermetically sealed and had German personnel. In the dining room, the German “field court” held sessions. The Maastricht OD trial took place in this court as well. [3]
    The building was demolished in 1971. There is now the monument on the Minderbroedersberg, commemorating the victims of this trial. [4]

This photograph is a detail from a 1937 aerial photograph of the center of Maastricht taken by the Luchtvaartafdeeling Technical Service, the predecessor of today’s Koninklijke Luchtmacht (Royal Dutch Air Force). [5]

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