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Murderous artillery duel in Valkenburg

In the book D-DAY IN ZUID-LIMBURG, De bevrijding van uur tot uur, van plaats tot plaats. (D-Day in South Limburg, liberation from hour to hour, from place to place) by Jan Hendriks and Hans Koenen we read:

Initially, the Americans used the Wilhelmina tower on the Heunsberg as an observation post. But after a German direct hit had knocked a huge hole in it, it had become useless. Although they were well aware of the hostile positions, thanks to information from the Valkenburg resistance, they could not do a lot against them in the long run because their artillery had a lack of ammunition. And because of bad weather they could just as little count on support by the Air Force.
The 119th regiment lost 24 people on this day. Seven were killed, 17 were injured, most of them in Valkenburg by hostile artillery fire. 73 prisoners of war were made.

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