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Inspection group of the Military Authority

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After the intervention at the Military Authority in Maastricht by Pierre Schunck (right, with hat), this inspection group was sent around the sixteenth of September.
Pierre Schunck wrote:

Inspection by Military Authority, around 16th (mid Sept. 1944) in the caves of Valkenburg concerning nutrition, health condition, etc.
A Kapitein-ter-zee (= navy colonel) Drost had the command.
A doctor from Maastricht was part of the group. It was led around by the municipal foreman Drissen. I should give information.

This picture was taken at the entrance of the Heidegroeve on Plenkertstraat, where people had found shelter against the German artillery shooting too.
Foreman Drissen is the second from the left, with the carbide lamp.
Photo: Frans Hoffman.

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