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Kreijen, Hubert × Eck, Maria

Kreijen, Gerd/Gerhard (Hubert Joseph Gerard)

    09-10-1902 in Kerkrade-Chevremont  15-06-1966 in Kerkrade
× Lauenroth Anneliese
  1. Bert
  2. Heinz
  3. Marlene
  4. Gerd
  5. Gregor
  6. Frans
  7. Charlotte
  8. Marie-Therese
  9. Juliette

bidprentjes archief

Dr. Christine Schunck: “After the US army had liberated Valkenburg and Heerlen in late September 1944, their advance was stopped near Kerkrade. The Germans forced the entire population of 30,000 souls to leave the front area. Only the patients were still in the basement of the hospital. Gerd then contacted Pierre Schunck in Valkenburg (Head of the resistance there) and they negotiated together with the occupiers to to open a corridor for some hours that would allow to bring the patients away with Pierre’s vans and anything that had wheels. The Kreijen family lived in our house for about two months. During that time, Gerd worked in the temporary hospital in Hotel Franssen in the now liberated Valkenburg, until they could return to Kerkrade. (Please read more about these dramatic days of the evacuation of Kerkrade and the hospital.) Gerd died already at the age of 64.
In 1973 a street in Kerkrade was named after him.„

Kerkrade, Gisteren en Vandaag writes: “After his death a bust of him is installed in the central hall of the hospital. This statue, designed by Paul Driessen, was inaugurated on July 30, 1967„
The cemetery of Kerkrade Centre gives as date of birth October 9, 1908. He would then be 6 years younger than the the archives indicate. Who can give more precise information?
In the same tomb lie:

First name    Surname      Date of Birth   Date of Death     Photo #
  G.W.M.L.      Kreijen      01-11-1941      03-10-1992        301
  A.E.J.        Lauenroth    05-04-1911      28-01-1996        301
  Th            Lauenroth    11-09-1886      25-01-1948        301

The last person is Therese Müller, the mother of Anneliese and wife of Heinrich Lauenroth. See this archive

Personal documentation dr. G.Kreyen at with reports about his life, but especially about the overwhelming sympathy when he died.

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