Johan van Dijk
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Johan van Dijk is not (yet?) listed on a wall of the chapel.

War Memorial in Aachen-Eilendorf

Limburg 1940-1945,
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Johan van Dijk

 23-04-1917 Maastricht      27-01-1941 Leusden, kamp Amersfoort (23)
- Maastricht - Unorganized resistance -

    Johannes van Dijk was an earthworker. [1#2]
    The municipality of Maastricht wrote about his detention and death to the OGS on October 12, 1953: Police transit camp in Amersfoort. The father received notification from the German police (via the municipal police) that his son had died. On March 9, 1942, he was given a zinc box containing the ashes of the cremated body. The ashes were buried in the General Cemetery in Maastricht. [1#3]
    What had he been accused of? As long as we don’t know more details, he is listed here in the category "unorganized resistance". He is also listed as a resistance fighter on [4]
    Do you know more? Write us!

    Reburied on the National Field of Honor in Loenen, grave E 968, 1968 [1#12][2]


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