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House Kunderstein, Raarberg, Meerssen

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Built on behalf of Peter J. Schunck. A duplex house, originally planned for his two oldest daughters Jos and Lou and their families. Josephine, however, got seriously ill and moved back to her parents. In her place, the son Joop of the couple Cremers-Eck moved with his family into the left part of the house, on the right lived family Janssen-Schunck. The name of the house comes from the natural stone that was used ( The stones were delivered by the quarry of Peter Schunck in Kunrade. The two families were neighbors for years and indirectly they were related to each other.
| Peter Schunck |
| Siny Verschuur | Joop Cremers |
| Lou Schunck | Jan Janssen |

Album : Cremers-Verschuur

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