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Five raids on distribution offices in only one week

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The illegally distributed newspaper De stem van Londen (The Voice of London) wrote on 19 July 1944 on page 2:

From our Amsterdam correspondent.
In the week from 20 to 27 June, 5 raids were committed at distribution offices:
1) On 6/20/44 at

and many other coupons.
3) On the same day the distribution office in Valkenburg-Houthem was attacked. They arrived by car, the policeman on duty had provided the keys and pointed the way. He disappeared later with the robbers. (Dutch policemen, who will follow!) The following were taken: 78000 ration coupons of reserve, 38000 ration coupons of confectionery, 71000 ration coupons of legumes and thousands and thousands of ration coupons of almost every kind, including several hundred D.S.K (main cards) and almost 10,000 insert sheets.
4) The day after…

Pierre Schunck

Album : Resistance

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