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The miller Victor Willems

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The people in hiding had to be provided with food, clothing and so on. There were two ways to do so: tampering with distribution documents or distributing things that had been obtained outside the official circuits. The miller and civil servant Vic Willems (DB) did both, as can be seen from the following statement by rayon leader Pierre Schunck, better known during the resistance as Paul Simons. After the liberation of Valkenburg he wrote:

Mr Victor Willems, miller in Oud-Valkenburg, has always made his mill available during the German occupation for the storage of food for people in hiding.
Valkenburg, November 14th, 1944
[Signature Schunck], Paul
Rayon leader L.O. R8-Z18

R8 = District of Heerlen, Z18 = Rayon (Subdisdrict) of Valkenburg
Source: Archive of Ger Willems

Album : Resistance

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