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Victims of the Executions in Heer

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These resisters, members of the "Armée Secrète" (Secret Army), sector Maaseik (Belgian Limburg) were shot on September 12, 1944 between Heer and Cadier en Keer. From left to right, top: Alfons Leroy from Neeroeteren, Matieu J. Lenders from Maaseik, Pierre H. Driessens from Maaseik and Jean M. Wolfs from Maaseik. Middle: Jules L. Wolfs from Maaseik (l.) and Jacques Teelen from Neeroeteren. From left to right, bottom: Pieter Jaeken from Neeroeteren, Guillaume L. Langers from Maaseik, Gustaaf Beazar from Kessenich, Jozef Eerdekens from Gruitrode and Willem Conen from Molenbeersel.
Not on the picture is an unknown Eastern European, probably an escaped prisoner of war, who was shot on the same day and place when he tried to run away.

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