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1935 Opening of the Glass Palace

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At the front a bust of the founder Arnold Schunck, which the staff gave on this occasion to the management.
1)P.Knols, Bauunternehmer; 2)Carla Schunck; 3)Louise Schunck; 4)Christine Schunck; 5)Josephine Schunck; 6)Leonie Schunck; 7)Arnold Schunck; 8)Christine Schunck-Cloot; 9)Mia Schunck; 10)Nolda Schunck; 11)Peter J. Schunck; 12)Deken Nicolaye; 13)Pierre Schunck; 14)Archtect Frits Peutz; 15)Leo Schunck
| Carla Schunck | Lou Schunck | Christine / Chris Schunck | Jos Schunck | Leonie Schunck | Arnold Schunck | Christine Cloot | Mia Schunck | Nolda Schunck | Peter Schunck | Pierre Schunck | Leo Schunck |

Album : Fa A. Schunck & Glass Palace

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