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Vroemen, the station chief of Valkenburg

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L.O. Contacts
Vroemen, the stationmaster of Valkenburg
If there was control by the Landwacht (auxiliar police) or the Germans, I was always warned by the station manager with a code message “you cannot unload your wagon.”

With our coming guests in hiding, we agreed that they should report to the station manager with a previously agreed question.

When the region of Maas en Waal was “ausgekämmt” (searched) and suddenly more than 100 boys had to disappear, our sub-district was assigned this. Vroemen managed to fish them all up.

These more than 100 boys were placed with farmers in the area in one day with the help of the office of Lambert Brands. This office was opposite the station in (now) hotel Tummers. (C.C.D. Crisis Control Service)

When the Jesuit monastery was seized in 1942 and the Germans regularly delivered large boxes at the station for transport to Germany, Vroemen compiled a list of all addresses where the boxes went. Thus after the liberation a precious ant collection o Father Mückermann could, among other things, return to the Netherlands.

One day he calls me if I wanted to come because of materials that have arrived for the company. I thought to find people to hide, but got the following story:
“We had to put a full wagon with eggs on a sidetrack in Wylre. This wagon should be decorated with a inscription tomorrow morning, something like „Geschenk des Niederländischen Volkes an die bombengeschädigten Städte deutschlands“ (Gift of the Dutch people to the bomb-damaged cities of Germany) Further: We did not fix the wagon with the air brake. There is a brake shoe against the wheel that you can pull away. A second brake shoe is ready at the level crossing. If you pull the brake shoe away, the wagon is slowly and silently moving towards the level crossing.
When I got home I did as follows: Calling Z18 (Giel Berix).

I don’t remember exactly who was called. Armenraad (council for the poor) in the Geleenstr., With the request to call me back, was most secure.
Jan Cornips

(He) had a non-observable secret number of the post company, via the service line. I told him the situation when he called me back. (Giel) then informed the K.P. where this was not told to a deaf. If I took care of storage, the job would be done immediately. In the late evening the trucks arrived fully loaded with C.R.E. egg boxes. The next day, our vans distributed these eggs in laundry baskets across South Limburg with the hospital in Heerlen as main customer.

Germans and N.S.B. (Dutch Nazi party) people went to Wylre to sort this case out.
One of the truck drivers, a K.P. man made sure to be there to find out if something would be discovered. (Laeven)
Pierre Schunck

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