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Schunck‘s Confectiebedrijf De Molen

Foundation of the company January 1st, 1943, in the middle of the war. The occupiers had threatened to withdraw the license for the production of working clothes for the mining industry, as Peter Schunck on fundamental grounds did not want to work for the German army. Therefore, he bought a former steam powered flour mill on the Geleenstraat from the Jew Max Salm. Probably, the latter intended to finance his getaway this way, and to forestall expropriation. A clothing factory was set up there by the subsidiaries P.J. Schunck and his son P.J.A. Schunck. As a manager an “onderduiker” (person in hiding) was hired, who worked there under the name Jan Langeveld. His real name was Lex Israels.
During the occupation, a lot of clothes for people in hiding were also made there.
The name of the company was changed in 1947 in SKIL, Schunck‘s Kleding Industrie Limburg.

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