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Front of the book “Valkenburg 2019 - 75 years liberated”

Original size 757 × 818 px

75 stories about the invasion in 1940, the occupation and the liberation September 1944.
180 full color pages 21/21 cm.
75 stories, told by people from greater Valkenburg and illustrated by artists from Valkenburg, children of a primary school and / or young people from the secundary Stella Maris College. The book contains many historical photos.
It’s about the resistance in Valkenburg on page 91 ("Valkenburg as an important hiding center"), the story of resistance fighter Harie van Ogtrop during the days before the liberation, told by his daughter Agnes as well as the beginning of the liberation told by Pierre Schunck on p.101. The full text of the latter can be read on this site
A release of the Platform Wereldburgerschap
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Album : Resistance

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