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Stahl, Franz August Otto × Kardasen, Gertrud

Stahl, Heinrich (Heinrich Maria Aloysius)

    12-09-1902 in Kohlscheid (bei AC)  ?
× Schunck Jos
 in Heerlen

Heinrich Stahl was a German citizen. Also during the war he was engineer at the Dutch Staatsmijnen (State mines) and became a member of the german nazi party NSDAP. However, he supported Pierre Schunck, who was suspected of illegal possession of arms and other things, by visiting him during the search in party uniform.
He was expelled from Holland in 1945. His residence was unknown in 1945, Veritas 18-01-1945, his marriage was dissolved on 12-09-1945, see registry office of Heerlen 1930 nr. 193. Source: De kalknijverheid in Voerendaal 1916-1969: kalksteengroeve en kalkoven Schunck aan de Bergseweg in “Het Land van Herle” 65/3, p.127.

Read also the detailed article about Heinrich Stahl in Het Land van Herle, mijnstreek, 75 jaar vrijheid, 2022-2 p.9: Marcel Krutzen, Een NSDAP-er als slachtoffer van de tijdgeest? Over Heinrich Stahl, NSDAP-Ortsgruppenleiter van Heerlen.
By the way, there are two mistakes in it:

  1. He did not operate the quarry in Kunrade together with his brother-in-law P.J.A. (Pierre) Schunck, but commissioned by his father-in-law, P.J. (Peter) Schunck. He did the same work for his father-in-law also in his quarry at the Meersenerbroek between Geulhem and Meerssen, see The “diver’s inn” in the cave on Meerssenerbroek
  2. Pierre Schunck did not get his resistance name from his brother-in-law Heinrich. They were not such good friends that Pierre would have wanted to take this risk.

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