Hubertus Andreas van Roy ()
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Hubertus Andreas van Roy

Limburg 1940-1945,
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Hubertus Andreas van Roy

 09-03-1893 Nederweert      24-11-1981 Valkenburg (88)
- Initial resistance - Police - Valkenburg - Survivors - Group Smit -

    Veldwachter (local policeman appointed by the municipality) in Valkenburg until december 1941. Was a member of the early resistance group around J.Smit in Heerlen. The earliest data on this group are from the end of 1940 and early 1941. Smit, a professional soldier demobilized in July 1940, subsequently worked for a while at the Marechaussee in Heerlen and in the spring of 1941 he resigned and started working as a lathe operator at the Oranje Nassau mine and started with other former soldiers and resistance group, most of them from the former 13th Infantry Regiment, in which mainly soldiers from South Limburg had served and of which he himself had also been a part.
    Veldwachter Van Roy was also welcome there. In the course of 1941 he brought vicar Hennekens into contact with Smit. In December 1941 he resigned too, but first stole some helmets. Was arrested on 02/02/1942 and sentenced to 3 years in prison; was in various camps. Escape from camp on April 4th, 1945. [1].


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