Marie-Thérèse Jaspers <i>(Treesie)</i>
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Marie-Thérèse Jaspers

Limburg 1940-1945,
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Marie-Thérèse Jaspers (Treesie)

 11-01-1924 Klimmen      08-09-2013 Imstenrade (89)
- Klimmen - Survivors - Aid to People in Hiding L.O. - Women in the resistance - Couriers of the Resistance - …

    Trees Jaspers was the daughter of the notary Jaspers from Klimmen and a sister of Jo Jaspers [1], who was killed in action on May 10, 1940. Trees took over courier services for Bep van Kooten, who also lived in Klimmen.
    In an interview with students, Gerda Schunck-Cremers said about the successful raid at the Valkenburg distribution office [4]: “Mrs. Jaspers kept the stamps and other documents for one night in her house in Klimmen.” She too risked her life in other ways. For example, her distribution stamkaart (main card) and the one of Gerda S.-C. were made available to a printer in Amsterdam to copy them. The printing shop was busted, but fortunately that had no consequences for these women. She also sometimes made her house available for meetings.
    After the liberation of South Limburg, she joined the Stoottroepers as an associate of Bep van Kooten, who together with the Allies continued their fight against Nazism. Read the article about five former Stoottroepers, including Trees Jaspers and Theo Goossen, in the Limburgs Dagblad of September 10, 1994. This is also the source of her picture above. [3]
    After the war she married Wil Spitz († dec. 5, 1982), who for a time was director of the War and Resistance Museum in Overloon. So from then on she was called Trees Spitz-Jaspers. She died in 2013, 89 years old. [2]


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