Cor Janssen
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Cor Janssen is listed in the Resistance Memorial on the
left wall, row 02 #05

Limburg 1940-1945,
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The fallen resistance people in Limburg


Cor Janssen

 22-02-1918 Sevenum      07-10-1944 Beesel (26)
- Beesel - Aid to People in Hiding L.O. - Knokploegen (K.P.) - Underground Press - People in hiding - …

    Cor Janssen was a farmer. [1#2]
    In the spring of 1944, an armed group (knokploeg or K.P.) Reuver was formed by B. Verstappen. Members were also J.H. Goossens, Cor Janssen, M.J. Pereira, a hider from The Hague, A.M. Roelofs and B. Hegger. An air raid bunker on the Patersweg in Belfeld, which had long served as a transit station for prisoners of war, was used as a meeting place. [2,p.588]
    On October 5, a squad led by W. Freimuth of the Geheime Feldpolizei (Secret police of the army) arrested Cor Janssen from Sevenum, who worked as a farmhand on the Franssen family farm. He was imprisoned in the town hall. [2,p.587]
    Nitsch informed his boss Ströbel, who gave the order to liquidate Janssen and Gommans. That same evening Schut and Grootjans shot C. Janssen in the woods between Reuver and Beesel. …belonged to the LO-Beesel. He was allegedly guilty of distributing leaflets dropped by British planes. According to Cammaert, Janssen - a man in hiding from Sevenum who worked as a farmhand - was arrested on October 5, 1944, by a detachment of the Geheime Feldpolizei (secret military police) and imprisoned in the Reuver town hall. On the evening of October 7, 1944, he was interrogated and shot in the woods between Reuver and Beesel by SS men Schut and Grootjans on the orders of Maastricht SD commander Max Ströbel.
    In Memoriam Card. [8]
    Cor Janssen is listed in the Erelijst 1940-1945 (Honor Roll of the Dutch Parliament). [6]


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    4. Henk Gommans
    5. Belfeld Oorlogsmonument
    6. Erelijst 1940-1945