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Proclamation of the O.D.

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After the liberation of Eysden (the first Dutch municipality liberated in September 1944), this Proclamation of the OD (Order Service) appeared, signed by the captain of the reserve A.Nulens.
This organization of pre-war soldiers had set itself the goal of maintaining order AFTER the liberation to prevent a communist or social-democratic revolution, as is also apparent from this proclamation. They were therefore not a resistance organization and never claimed to have been.
Pay attention to point 3 below. Especially in this point, the group calling itself O.D. in Valkenburg completely missed this goal.


The hour of liberation is here!
On behalf of Her Majesty our respected Queen and her legal Government there is an ORDER SERVICE, the so-called O-D, an organization established for the liberated territories. This organization has started its task today in your municipality.
Purpose of the O-D:.
Maintaining order and peace in the country as soon as this has been fully or partially abandoned.
In connection with this, the population is urged urgently:

  1. to implement all measures and decisions of the provisional Dutch Authority as punctually as possible.
  2. make the functions of public life run as smoothly as possible;
  3. to abstain absolutely from any personal or common revenge actions.
    Everybody can be assured that all measures have been taken, that no guilty person will miss his due punishment.
    Especially with regard to this last point, no violation will be tolerated.

Recruitment of members for the O.D.

The O.D. has already partially selected the members in every municipality that belongs to its profession; they will receive an oral or written convocation.
In view of the circumstances, the state of War and Siege is being maintained for the time being, but the Civil Administration should make as much progress as possible. Volunteers who have not received a summons can report to the Town Hall. All members and volunteers are considered purely Dutch military with all the associated benefits; they are therefore also subject to the laws and regulations of the Military discipline.

Control lists will be presented for signing, but wearing the Dutch uniform is strictly prohibited; instead everyone will receive a special bracelet for the time being.

Long live the Queen. Long live the Fatherland.
The district Commander ‚
A. NULENS, Res. Captain.
Eijsden, Sept. 13th 1944

Source: Beeldbank WO2 (Image bank WW2)

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