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16 Sept 44
Memories of Pierre Schunck 1

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16 Sept 44
The bearer Peter Joseph Arnold is known to us as a friendly ally and is on business known to us. He will will depart for Maastricht and return by 2400 this date.
Capt. ...

On September 16, the American troops in Valkenburg received a message that Maastricht was in the hands of the American army.
A direct connection via Berg en Terblijt or Meerssen was not available.
The valkenburg group of Americans had come from De Planck and Noorbeek, crossing the national road Maastricht - Aachen, to Margraten and Sibbe. That was their job, at least that’s what I was told: First, to cut off the Maastricht - Aachen road from German transports and to wait for the conquest of the city of Maastricht.
They then crossed the Geul and gained access to the provincial road to Meerssen. Valkenburg was thus completely liberated. Then I was asked to go to Maastricht by the road via Berg en Terblijt. For this a soldier with a jeep was given to me. Jean Hendriks informed me, that the Germans had withdrawn from the Geulhemerberg to the north side of the Geul, behind the water mill. On their way, they had attended the cave, where the

Pierre Schunck

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