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Gerda Cremers 80

On the 80th birthday of Gerda Schunck-Cremers we offered her a gift together. We gave her one of the most valuable things we shared with her: our common memories. It has become a folder to which anyone who wanted, could contribute. If it had only the A4 format. Some wrote something, others sent a photograph, a drawing, or a combination of them. Some pages of this album are only accessible to family members, because living persons or their memories are on it. If you belong to the family and want to see everything, click on the green figure to log in. If you are a family member, but you do not (yet) have a password (or you have lost it), then contact me, e.g. by mail form.

489 - Marie-José S.
Marie-José S.
495 - Ornithologische bijdrage I
Ornithologische bijdrage I
496 - Ornithologische bijdrage II
Ornithologische bijdrage II
497 - Ornithologische bijdrage III
Ornithologische bijdrage III
498 - The Little Wildcat
The Little Wildcat
499 - Drawing by Toni
Drawing by Toni
501 - Citroen is kampioen I
Citroen is kampioen I
502 - Citroen is kampioen II
Citroen is kampioen II
503 - Citroen is kampioen III
Citroen is kampioen III
512 - De kloek
De kloek
514 - Lex
516 - Siny & Joop Cremers-Verschuur
Siny & Joop Cremers-Verschuur
517 - Jetty v. Zutphen-Cremers
Jetty v. Zutphen-Cremers
518 - Jetty v. Zutphen-Cremers
Jetty v. Zutphen-Cremers
519 - Jetty v. Zutphen-Cremers
Jetty v. Zutphen-Cremers
520 - Christine Dohmen-Schunck
Christine Dohmen-Schunck
521 - 80th birthday of Gerda Schunck-Cremers
80th birthday of Gerda Schunck-Cremers
522 - Leo & Mieke Schunck-Grossimmlinghaus
Leo & Mieke Schunck-Grossimmlinghaus
524 - Nolda
525 - Nolda
526 - Carla
527 - Carla
528 - Fien
533 - Church Choir Schaesberg
Church Choir Schaesberg