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Grotaers, Victor Australia Ackermans, Ray Australia
Schunck, Jürgen Rheingau
Püttmann, Vera Bergheim
Berggreen, Johnny
 København, Danmark (Marx Schunck)
Schunck, Arthur T. La Crescenta (CAL)
Schunck, Johanna Australia
Willemse, Rik, a researcher on
 WW2 GI inscriptions in lime caves
 (Maastricht, Holland)
Schunck, Renan Fassarella Vitória, ES, Brazil
Schunck, Werner, (Hunsrück, Deutschland)
Schunck, F. origine Weiterswiller, F
Nicolaus, Monika Hessen.
 Subject: Sibilla SCHUNCK
Kroppenberg, Hermann
 Bergisch Gladbach-Bensberg, D
Dohmen, Jo Roermond, NL
Shunk Spencer, Sharon USA
Matzerath, Heinz D
Buchholz, Andreas, D
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Dykstra, Lynda Cal., USA
Franck, Leo Heerlen
[Shunk] Maurer, Sara Brussels, B


Fri, 3 Mar 2006 10:17:22
Johanna Schunck
Arnold Schunck
Albertus Schunck


I came across your wonderful site by accident.

I put in my current name and got 4 hits!!. So amazing so I put in my maiden name and found your site.

My name was Johanna Schunck. My fathers name was Albertus Wilhem Schunck. He had 3 children before he married my mother. Their names were Albertus Wilhelm, Hermanus Marinus, and another I just know as Ben.

What fascinated me about your website was the reference to the Schunck department stores.

What I was told as a child, was that some time ago, two brothers absconded from the German army.
One married a wealthy lady, and started a department store. The other brother was my ancestor.

My father had a fallout with one of his brothers about 40/50 years ago, who went to Los Angeles.
His name was Coen. I was told as a child that I might see his son in the movies, as he had become an actor.
Many years later I saw someone that was the image of my father in a TV show Macmillan and Wife. He had the same look, and the same mannerisms. I nearly fell off my chair when I thought I saw the name John Schunck.
However when I looked again it was John Schuck. However the similarity was so great, I have always felt that it was him, and that he changed his name slightly to make it less like skunk.

However, I have followed his career for the last 20 years, and since the internet, have been able to get more info, which seems to indicate he is not my cousin. However his fathers name is Coen, which makes it even more puzzling.

I have only come across one other Schunck in Australia. When I worked at Myers 30 years ago, there was someone else working there with that name. Our paypackets used to get mixed up sometimes.

I once bought a book about "Schuncks" Actually it was a bit of a con. It was just about family trees in general, and at the back of the book it had a directory of all the Schuncks in the world, taken out of the phonebooks.
However it just amazed me how many there were.

I know someone in the family in Holland put together a comprehensive family tree. Unfortunatley I was very young at the time and not interested then. Now I have lost contact with everyone, including my brother Ben. I have been trying fo some time to get info, but I have probably left it too long. Most would be in their 80's by now, if not more.

So now you have heard from a Schunck in Australia. There's not too many of us.