Johannes Petrus Maria van Betuw (Jan “Jules”)
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Johannes Petrus Maria van Betuw

Limburg 1940-1945,
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Johannes Petrus Maria van Betuw (Jan “Jules”)

 08-08-1923 Eygelshoven      13-03-2015 Heerlen (91)
- Couriers of the Resistance - Aid to People in Hiding L.O. - Heerlen - Survivors -

Johannes Petrus Maria van Betuw

    During the war, Jan van Betuw was a bus driver and courier in the LO district of Heerlen under the pseudonym Jules. In this capacity, he narrowly escaped arrest in early 1944 during a check on the Valkenburgerweg in Heerlen while transporting ration stamps. The source for this information and also for the photo on the right is an interview with him on a website of students from Heerlen about the Second World War, which unfortunately no longer exists. After the war he worked as an auditor for the Dutch Municipalities South. [1]
    He provided this website with information about the Soesman couple (click on his photo) and the then sexton of Valkenburg, Van Ogtrop.

    Memorial medal Voormalig Verzet Limburg 46-86
    Memorial medal Voormalig Verzet Limburg 46-86

    He was a bearer of the Resistance Memorial Cross [2][3] and president of the VVL (Former Resistance Limburg). [4]
    Until 2005, the VVL annually commemorated the fallen Limburg resistance fighters and the liberation of a large part of Limburg in September 1944 at the Provincial Resistance Monument on the Cauberg in Valkenburg. Since then, that annual commemoration has taken place at the National Remembrance Day on May 4.



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    5. More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg