Godefridus van Ommeren <i>(Frits)</i>
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Godefridus van Ommeren is listed in the Resistance Memorial on the
left wall, row 25 #04

Limburg 1940-1945,
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Godefridus van Ommeren (Frits)

 14-11-1919 Venlo      11-09-1944 Heerlen (24)
- April-Mei-stakingen, 1943 - People in hiding - Kerkrade -

    Frits van Ommeren was an apprentice train driver with the Dutch railroad company.
    After the strike he went into hiding and was shot during a raid by the SS on the Weltermolen farm, Welten, (municipality of Heerlen). [1#4]
    This strike was the pit strike. This strike was part of the April-May strikes in 1943. A disappointment for the strikers was that the Dutch Railways continued to run. [2]
    But apparently Frits had gone on strike and therefore had to go into hiding.
    On Monday, September 11, 1944, six days before the liberation of Welten-Benzenrade, everyone, friend or foe, knew that it would soon be over. Thus he stood in a group of people waiting for an extra portion of flour at the Weltermolen (Welten Mill) in Heerlen. But because of the ban on gathering, a group of around 20 nervous German soldiers who appeared suddenly opened fire. Frits was fatally shot. He had only just got married. [3]
    His widow moved to Kerkrade on November 24, 1944, but Frits never lived there. [1#3]
    Nevertheless, he is listed on the wall of the Limburg Province resistance memorial under Kerkrade.
    He is buried in the municipal cemetery of Heerlen, grave RK-3-1240. [1#11][5]
    He is listed in the “Erelijst 1940-1945” (Honor Roll of the Dutch Parliament). [4]


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