Frits Konings (Godefriedus Henricus)
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Godefriedus Henricus Konings is listed in the Resistance Memorial on the
right wall, row 03 #03

Limburg 1940-1945,
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The fallen resistance people in Limburg


Frits Konings
(Godefriedus Henricus)

 21-06-1919 Posterholt      13-01-1943 KZ Sachsenhausen (23)
- Forced Labor - Unorganized resistance - Posterholt -

    Frits Konings lived in Posterholt and was a miner. [1]
    The Identification and Recovery Service (Dienst Identificatie en Berging) writes about him: Forced labor in the mine in Bochum (Rhineland) May 1942 due to the Arbeitseinsatz. [2#6]
    Arbeitseinsatz was the term for forced labor in Germany. He obviously couldn’t stand it there for long and deserted. This was seen as an act of active resistance by those who had him immortalized on a wall of the resistance memorial in Valkenburg. See above: Unorganized resistance.
    He was arrested for illegally crossing the German-Dutch border and sent to the Oranienburg concentration camp. [2#6]
    There is no mention of exactly when this was. Before his transfer to Germany, he was imprisoned in the Amersfoort camp until October 27, 1942. [1]
    According to a telephone message from the Sipo (security police) in Maastricht, Konings died in a concentration camp in Germany on January 12, 1943 [2#2]
    The following text gives a typical cause of death, but often they wrote just anything. According to the reports, he died of pneumonia. [2#6]
    This camp was called Sachsenhausen in Oranienburg, 30 km north of Berlin, after the district of Sachsenhausen in which it was located. His prisoner number there was 53326 [3].
    Most of the victims were cremated there, as was customary in most German camps in order to get rid of the masses of corpses. [4.1]
    The Identification and Recovery Service wrote accordingly:
    Died: 12 Jan. 1943 … no known burial place [2#4]
    There was also a Konzentrationslager Oranienburg of the SA in the same town, but this was already dissolved in July 1934. [4.2]


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